Gymnastic and Crossfit Hand Guards

All our hand guards are designed and produced from high quality materials to give comfort and protection to your hands. We supply two specific types of hand guard: Gymnastics or Crossfit.

Crossfit handguards are ideal for a variety of exercises. The most popular use for them, is while doing pull ups. They help prevent tears to the hand during vigorous exercise and help protect the palm while it heals. The leather hand guards are very simple in design. They cover your palm with a pliable piece of soft leather, a Velcro strap allows for you to tighten the grip down around your wrist. Your middle two fingers will slide through the rectangular finger holes of the grip and the Velcro strap can be adjusted for any wrist size

Gymnastic handguards are used for providing protection and comfort to hands while working on the bars. These are ideal hand guards for beginners; a Velcro fastener ensures a secure grip.