Rolyan Tubular Resistance Bands

The resistance tube is an excellent low cost and versatile fitness accessory. Available in 5 coloured resistances ranging from the peach starting resistance through to the more challenging plum Tube.

lj-17192Selection of the correct Tube depends upon your individual physical ability. Start with a low resistance tube and build gradually over time. Resistance tubes are excellent for helping in rehabilitation, yoga and resistance training. Resistance tubes are used extensively by physiotherapists to help in rehabilitation, improve range of movement and improve co-ordination.

Resistance tubes do not take up much space, enabling you to exercise anytime when on the move and provide a value for money option to exercise at home or wherever you are. Rolyan is a trusted brand so you can buy with confidence.

The Rolyan tubing strength / level of resistance is graded by colour:

Peach: extra light – 39mm internal diameter x 57mm external diameter – An ideal starter Tube. Work on endurance and flexibility. (Closer to yellow in actual colour)

Orange: Light – 43mm internal diameter x 69mm external diameter – Ideal progression from peach

Lime: Medium – 48mm internal diameter x 85mm external diameter – For strength and endurance training

Blueberry: Heavy – 53mm internal diameter x 98mm external diameter – For strength training

Plum: Extra heavy – 57mm internal diameter x 125mm external diameter – This is the maximum strength Tube

Choose a strength and length from 0.5 to 4 metres. Please be advised the 0.5m length option length will limit the exercises available, a longer length is recommended to enable a more diverse work out. To help you decide on the strength you are looking for we will send you through a set of sample off cut pieces for 99p (UK) including postage. Simply choose sample from the drop down menus.

Rolyan Tubing is also extremely popular with Slingshot / Catapult enthusaists, who can make up their own personalised catapult with 5 different level of resistance tubing.